[How about eating walnuts at night]_ walnuts _ how to eat _ how to eat

[How about eating walnuts at night]_ walnuts _ how to eat _ how to eat

Walnut is a kind of nut food, which has many benefits to the human body, such as treating neurasthenia, relieving insomnia, relieving high blood pressure and so on.

It is generally not recommended to eat walnuts at night because the stomach has poor digestion and you can choose to eat them in the morning.

Eating walnuts every morning can nourish the kidney and strengthen the brain, nourish the qi, moisturize the skin, and make the hair black.

Walnuts are most suitable for brainpower workers, especially white-collar women, because these people often overuse the brain, which is very painful and painful. Eating walnuts can supplement the brain.

Eating 3-5 capsules a day is enough.

First, 71% of adults who prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are walnuts, and 71% are linoleic acid and 12% are linolenic acid. These unsaturated molecular weights can purify the blood, remove impurities from the blood vessel walls, and consume saturated fat accumulated in the body.Effectively prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Second, the treatment of gallstones is mainly due to the combination of mucin in food with calcium ions in bile and unbound bilirubin.

The sulfuric acid contained in walnut kernels can prevent the binding of mucin and calcium ions, unbound bilirubin, and can dissolve, subside and excrete.

Therefore, patients with gallstone disease, may wish to insist on eating walnut kernels every day, it may be possible to avoid the suffering of surgery.

Similarly, walnut kernels are also used to treat urinary stones.

Third, vitamin E contained in anti-aging walnut kernels, oxidative damage caused by free radicals incorporated into recombined cells, is recognized by the medical community as an anti-aging substance, so walnut is known as “longevity fruit”.