The five major supplements in winter, the heart and brain, like the bones


The five major supplements in winter, the heart and brain, like the bones


In the winter, the weather is cold, which is a period of high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Especially for some elderly people, it is better to prevent the heart and blood vessels while protecting the brain and intelligence.

Maybe many people have to ask what is the connection between the heart and the brain?

Let us see how the experts introduced it.

To better understand the relationship between cardiovascular diseases and intelligence, experts conducted a four-year follow-up survey of 452 older people.

At least one-third of these people have high-grade cardiovascular disease, such as angina or slower blood flow due to arteriosclerosis.

Compared with those who did not have cardiovascular disease during the investigation phase, people with heart problems experienced a significant decline in language learning.

After the researchers excluded other factors related to mental effects such as depression, the results of the study were still true.

Experts say that factors that cause cardiovascular disease can affect people’s intelligence, poor heart function, slow blood flow, affect brain function, and thus reduce cognitive ability.

Therefore, people do not want to wait until the stroke to think of prevention, usually protect the heart, the brain will be more healthy.

So what kind of “tonic” do you like most about your heart and mind during the week?

The heart and brain are the most like bones. The brain is most like bones, muscles contract, and the movement of the traction bones produces various movements.

In addition, the bones are better to move, the bones are the support of the human body, and the muscles constitute the basic shape of the human body, which constitutes the body cavity, including the cranial cavity, the chest cavity, the abdominal cavity and the pelvic cavity, thereby protecting the brain, lung, heart, kidney, liver, spleen and the like.organ.

Heart loves joy When a person feels pressure, the body releases decompression substances, so the general pressure does not cause great harm to the body.

But when the pressure is too high or the body is invaded for a long time, the heart will be “pressed”.

If you are restless, you are easy to cry, you can’t care about your daily routine, you are more hesitant than usual, your appetite is greatly reduced, it is difficult to concentrate, and it is difficult to fall asleep.

Don’t take these symptoms seriously, take timely action to decompress your body and keep your mood happy.

The brain likes the spinach brain is a precious and complicated engine, must add “quality fuel”, and these high-quality fuels are the freshest fruits and vegetables, such as spinach, and fat and thin mix of fresh meat, preferably beef, lamb andFish.

Studies abroad have also shown that eating more spinach can reduce memory loss.

On the contrary, the brain’s “worst fuel” is foods containing more chemical additives, such as canned foods and instant noodles and other foods containing preservatives, as well as meat treated with tender meat.

Both the heart and the brain love to drink water. The electrolyte of the brain transports most of the water.

Therefore, when the body is short of water, people will have headaches, dizziness, and inability to concentrate.

Drink at least 1 every day.

5 liters of water, especially during the two surgical intervals, must drink a glass of water to let the brain work again.

A study in the United States has shown that people who drink more than 5 cups a day are more likely to die from a heart attack than those who drink only two or fewer cups.

Experts therefore recommend a proper attempt to drink eight glasses a day.

Light diet, good brain and good cardiovascular experts said that the amount of healthy supplement should be controlled at 5-6 grams of salt per person per day, equivalent to filling a toothpaste cover, no more than 3 grams of oil per person per day, do you really have high blood pressure,Low-salt and low-fat diets are important guarantees for maintaining cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.