Ten sleeps in tourism


Ten sleeps in tourism

Sleep is a very important aspect of travel life.

Knowing the correct way to sleep and understanding sleep taboos can help travelers get a better rest.


Avoid lying on your back.

When lying on the back, the net of the tongue roots will fall back and affect the breathing, which is prone to snoring. If the hand is placed on the chest, it will not oppress the heart and lungs, leading to nightmares.

The most ideal sleeping position is to lie on the right side of the paint. This method can relax the whole body muscles, excessive blood flow to the liver, and smooth breathing.


Avoid the thoughts before going to bed.

You must calm down before going to bed, don’t worry about trouble, or you will lose sleep.

You can turn over the pictorial before going to bed, and light music.


Avoid drinking and eating.

Excessive diet before going to bed, stomach bloating, digestive disorders, affecting sleep.

Slow blood flow during sleep, excessive intrusion into high feces, high cholesterol food, prone to arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and hypertrophy.


Avoid talking.

Talking before going to bed causes excitement in thinking, the brain is not peaceful, and it is difficult to fall asleep, leading to insomnia.


Avoid turning the lights to sleep.

People face strong light not only affects falling asleep, but also leads to deep sleep, easy to wake up, and dream.


Avoid sleeping with a dream.

Such people inhale a lot of carbon dioxide, and even have difficulty breathing and suffocation.


Avoid sleeping in the wind.

You cannot blow the electric fan for a long time during sleep.

When a person sleeps, the physiology can withstand, the resistance is weak, and when the wind blows, it is easy to get sick.


Avoid breathing.

Open mouth breathing, the so-called “filtering” of the air, cold air and gas containing dirt directly stimulate the throat, easy to stimulate the throat, easy to catch cough, infection.


Avoid sleeping and enduring.

The urine tolerance team is harmful to the human body and also affects sleep.

Emptying and urinating before going to bed, reducing the stimulation of feces, preventing disease and prolonging life.


Avoid sleeping late.

Recent studies have found that excessive sleep can affect a person’s life.

The general sleep time is 7 hours.