Location: body of a woman small chest will affect sexuality?2018-3-2818: 30: 45 Source: Introduction: often heard people say, big chest no brain, chest little unloved!I blanket a go, we are able to hold up half the sky a woman, when men turn those smelly in there for us finds fault, find fault with the……Three advantages: a small chest, chest disease easier to detect small, relatively thin outer layer of tissue, fat is not much on the outside would be able to know exactly lesions on the inside of the easier detection of breast cancer and other diseases, early prevention。This world, which is no longer comparable to healthy beautiful chest significant ~~ large and small, it does not matter, it is important to love your husband, hurt themselves。
Though we want to know the night network talk more small advantage chest, heart, you still have the slightest sense of inferiority, even thought of breast。Breast may have, to choose the method, the external stimulus, multi-touch chest before going to bed or in the shower, you can hand clockwise massage the edge of the chest, the chest can promote metabolism, accelerate the absorption of nutrients, to achieve the effect of breast。Insist on doing the best, spend five minutes a day was enough, if there is a boyfriend or husband, then, can ask for help, but sick or pregnant women to avoid, and it Zimo single dog。2, diet is the best breast of a woman choose a small chest of women, mostly a little lack of blood, blood and qi eat some food from the root to achieve the effect of breast, but also conditioning menstruation。
Recommended diet: dates egg soup, ginseng chicken soup, etc.。In addition more to add some fruit, balanced mix can maintain the skin。3, do chest exercise chest muscle exercise as much as possible, for the strong chest, chest increased elasticity with good results。
Not even let your chest, but also full of feel。