Eczema is most frequently encountered baby childhood "enemies"!Mostly in the baby is born?2 years old at this stage: the baby's face, neck, legs are the hardest hit, redness of the skin from the rash → → slowly into the skin become rough, scaly → feel like touching the baby on the sandpaper rough rough of。
Baby also intolerable itching, scratching subconsciously go, and sometimes bleeding to catch……Adults can not help but looked distressed。
Today, we will look together baby eczema。1 What is eczema, is?Eczema is the most common childhood problem dermatology。
The incidence of children, about 65% before the age of onset of symptoms 1, 90% of the onset of symptoms before age 5。Most of the children after the age of five, rarely suffer from eczema。Eczema is a chronic skin disease, it is difficult to find out the law: eczema symptoms may appear or disappear at any time, and sometimes tend to serious, sometimes getting better。Each baby eczema symptoms are different: common symptoms are dryness, redness, itching, rash, etc.。
There may be both rash at exudate, may also be the cause of eczema is very dry disease, not yet clear!There are generally considered to cause the baby eczema 2: ① genetic: For example, someone in the family suffered from allergic rhinitis, asthma, eczema and other allergic diseases; ② allergy: allergy baby and often closely related to their immature immune systems, and while allergy-related diseases, it is often difficult to cure。But more than half of the baby, with age, eczema completely heal。This process, Bao parents need to do is nursing science + rational drug use, try to control recurrent eczema, reduce the impact on the baby。
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