Catering service network platform to conduct business licenses for food catering service provider's network reviewed, signed an agreement with the responsibility for food safety network businesses, business registration information network name, address, legal representative, responsible person and contact information, to ensure network business entities operating stores have to ensure that the information stated in their licenses and other premises true and reliable, to ensure that their business activities in accordance with the format and licensing body operating the project, shall not exceed the scope of business。 Catering service network platform to set up a dedicated food safety authorities, with full-time food safety management personnel, regular training and assessment。
To establish a network catering service provider to review the registration and other related systems, and timely public on the platform, accept social supervision。
Network catering services platform to develop delivery service management practices, strengthen personnel management and delivery of food safety training, protection of personal hygiene room personnel to ensure safe and sound distribution containers, hygiene, but also concerned about the "take-away little brother" physical and mental health and protect their legitimate rights and interests。