[] Do the work of contraception when having sex, it is best to have family planning, contraception work to do。 This would reduce the invasion of bacteria, avoid unwanted pregnancy and abortion, thereby avoiding cervical injury, effectively prevent the occurrence。 [Note] menstrual hygiene female friend if you want to prevent the occurrence of cervical erosion, we should pay attention to hygiene, especially in this special time of menstrual hygiene。
Because during menstruation, a woman's genitals vulnerable to the invasion of bacteria, thus inflammation and even cause cervical erosion。 [] Do not over-clean usual in life, pay attention to hygiene should be, but not excessive cleaning。 Do not use the kind of very large concentration of disinfectant to wash the vagina, otherwise it will inhibit bacteria, and even lead to cervical erosion。 What are the treatment of cervical erosion Principle 1, cervical erosion diet should pay attention to rich in protein and foods such as lean meat,, quail eggs, fish, turtles, white fish, cabbage, asparagus, celery, spinach ,,,, , kelp, seaweed, fruits, etc.。
Early symptoms of cervical erosion 2, experts say, cervical erosion diet suitable light, avoid, shrimp, crab, eel, salted fish, blackfish fat objects。 3, cervical erosion avoid spicy food: spicy warm, strong irritant food, will increase pelvic congestion, inflammation, or cause excessive uterine muscle contraction, the symptoms get worse。
So like, pepper ,, onion, ginger, chives, chicken broth, durian and condiments, etc., should try to eat or not eat。
4 heat, cervical erosion fasting ,,, royal jelly, coagulation and hormone-containing food ingredient。