Gu Zhangqin can clear his mind, not.Even living in the mud, she also soon be able to find a way out, let alone, even if some people want to pull, she will hold Pei father’s hand and not his, well these words Diansuan.She does not need to save others from the mud, but also trod strip own way, if you really want to say who is who save, as it is the icing on the cake with her group-ho, a higher level.
  Always get together, unconsciously, would simply enjoy also a qualitative change.
  But he clearly has pushed hard release signal, the other is like asleep, like, just keep continue doing the work of a madman.
  Pei Dai Jun smile s南宁夜网quint his eyes: “You’re curious about this way!”She can be so close to the unsuspecting and Gu Changqin one of the reasons, but also because they are in the studio Dad’s fans, and now their relationship is very close, the total can talk about anything, and if Naochun Pei develop new dishes, or send vegetables to the company, are also not forget to bring a Gu Zhangqin.
  ”Yes ah, I’m curious, noon sent jellyfish salad pretty good.”He looked as usual, but my mind was depressed – how they wander Pei Dad’s head go of it?
  Let’s talk about my father, Pei Dai Jun familiar: “He has been studying the characteristics of these two days bottom of the pot it, did not intend to sell outside, but these days it is the Spring Festival?He intends to prepare our own food at home, I try to eat several, what sauerkraut mouth, and the mouth of the tomato, mushroom mouth, and there are different outside selling similar, I have to eat fat twice, lose weight.”
  ”Do not cut, just like you.”Gu Zhangqin blurted.
  Pei Dai Jun subconsciously avoid each other’s eyes, these words some concern too far, let her heart can not help but have some guesses – this is a commo南宁桑拿n thing, and perhaps her sensitive, or two close, ev