Pei Daijun first, and she was followed around Guzhang Qin Xing Hao Group three years ago bought the tallest building in the CBD, after renovation, in the last year, the official overall move to this, it will also be more frequent in the work every day都市夜网 Kurtis went to eat a meal together after Bistro, continue to talk about official business.
  ”This year the economic situation is bad, two days before the marketing department put up the report, the group wanted to make a further overseas market expansion.”She spoke to the official, gestures are professional look, now Pei Dai Jun-ho, vice president of the group, under one person, people above, according to the equity incentive plan, the shares have been subscribed for many-ho Group, “there is a recruitment program had to change and avoid redundancy, Xing Hao Group has always been people-oriented, long-term consideration for the employee’s career, like that old president of situation can not happen again.”
  Gu Changqin down, to see each other focused look, he walked the edge, the edge can not help but spoke up: “Can we talk about things that do not always work?”He heal regarded as a workaholic, and may Pei Daijun than he got the idea to work chatted for an hour with no rest, and what a eloquent.
  ”Ok?”She was a little startled agitated, eyes rarely appeared confused,” What’s that say?We are not just talking about next year adjustment plan i杭州桑拿t?”
  ”Just say something will do it?”Gu Changqin some flawless, he looked at the front, did not look down,” such as.For example, Pei boss recently developed what new dishes?”
  Ever since five years ago, the two became business partners, have become increasingly close, beginning to attract each other, not from men and women on sexual orientation, to enjoy more of a