The only let him happy, probably only a nice ex-wife did not imagine Well?While PEI is now Naochun fame hehe Warren, heard asset turned several repeated, his ex-wife and in-ho laid his own country, but this is what use is it?A woman, marry, late at night, a person alone, must regret it?
  He readily turned circle of friends, which is Shengjun Hao has always been accustomed to, and cooperation partners in business, sometimes made some dynamic new company, but also to understand each other’s interests preferences, to prepare for future in-depth exchanges.He sliding hand suddenly froze, facing his line of sight, is Guzhang Qin Gang made circle of friends –
  ”The best partner, partner, but also my favorite people; very happy to be with you is too small in.”Nod casually with a few pictures, the picture of the scene Shengjun Hao know, is Kurtis Bistro, Pei Dai Jun Gu Zhangqin and close together, is the head of a whole table of sumptuous dishes, you can see a whole bunch stood beside estimated to have dozens of flowers roses, bright dripping, did not 深圳桑拿网buy in the winter.
  Nod’ve got a lot of comments, among the well-known domestic enterprises have overlapping circles, mostly friends know each other.The top of that a few eye-catching: “I wish a speedy total care Outrageous / Rose.”,” Long ground, it can be!Moved into step, but unfortunately we miss Pei is the flower of kaolinite, it may not be so easy to take off.”Gu Zhangqin also respond very quickly,” ha ha, failed again, make persistent efforts.”
  Vertical Shengjun Hao is a fool, and he was able to understand the meaning of which.
  The original from beginning to end, is not that he’s not into Gu Pei Dai Jun marry, but she did not want to marry!
  He has nothing to be angry?This is all