”Back home?’He asked with tongue.
  ”That do not have t广州桑拿网o go back?Do not go back, you know how important he does?”Sheng mother sneer,” This is your baby daughter, I do not know filial piety in-laws, her husband did not even care to know, now you come back drunk, Who cares?”
  ”Do not you tube, I have to!”Shengjun Hao alcohol sky, stumbled on the stairs leaning on the floor, sure enough, after the house, only a deserted and dark, with his last bit of consciousness, lost zero, off the suit and shoes, so they lying sleep through the night, after all, can not dream so many troubles.
  ”Your card ending in 7203 on the 28th 10: 50XX Bank spending 1.4 million .”With the bank’s chargeback information, Heru Xi sent a micro letter.
  [My husband and I bought a perfect fit for our couple tables, you have a right, I have a pair when we bring together, and so I went back, you do not have to pick苏州桑拿网.]
  Ah, it does not come to pick, can go shopping card, and also say a bad mood, that’s too fake it?Shengjun Hao sneer or two, hardly know what to think, on the one hand, he is the happy, do not coax him, and he spent some money to be able to coax their own good, this is not the best of it?On the other hand, he felt it had considered what the hell the day, people pay for sex, he does?Spend money bitterness, wonderful, which is really really wonderful.
  Before waking up drunk, who has long been a clean pajamas, bedside total also arrayed Hot soup in the morning if he was not comfortable, and people told to do so Aunt Xie drunk food, but now it?Shengjun Hao do not bow, can smell the strong smell of alcohol himself, headache, nausea, malaise, has not been completely resolved, he almost imagine, so downstairs, he can then chatter广州桑拿 Sheng mother, late Heru Xi home If and Sheng mother and noisy one, it would be more explosions, and so he came home at night, but also a world war.
  This is what he wants to do?He obviously ha