This does not, yesterday on the noisy.Seeing to the New Year, Shengjun Hao really busy, holding Heru Xi to send New Year gift boxes of what something like that, he drank half a drink, she said, while stocks saw home?This difference in time of her departure less than a half hour, every door is enough to just!Shengjun Hao refused dizziness, quickly asked, after listening to thoroughly b深圳桑拿网ombed.
  Heru Xi really shy, she saw, not a familiar person on this list – in fact, basically Sheng and long-term acquaintance and from there on the list, Shengjun Hao has been guiding her and they met the.She thought of a way, directly to the home, something sent away, open the door and asked good, a status report, and then said he still has to send a gift, she immediately turned away.If the person is not at home, it’s even easier, direct deposit security, entrusted to each other helped care.God knows that on paper, even the phone are written clearly and simply.
  Shengjun Hao in the information and Heru Xi in an argument, and so came home drunk, urinate see is Sheng mother, she can be rude, words in the nip roll with guns: “come back drunk to know, do not know What are home to a!Discuss disciplining a wife do not know, you look at what 杭州桑拿people are looking for you?Losing his temper on a return to her family, her beauty, the daughter of our family can not afford to!”Sheng mother lost a lot, the whole person is senile, after former daughter gone, and she is every day to his son rivalry, such as for a new daughter, all the mo