This may tinkling Joseph, also vanished soon.
  Heru Xi graduated, went into the house Sheng, her former home, is also popular with parents favor, the whole a delicate little girl, weekdays fingers do not stick spring water, from no matter the score, do not ask her Shengjun Hao, how about just hope hi can properly take care of two old – not God knows when his wife, two old can toss out many things, and even the occasional high blood pressure, dizziness moment, he had to be all the way to get home; an old married couple quarreled yet , did not forget to call him the round, he helped to call the shots; secondly, we are also able to hope Heru Xi accompanied him to participate in some social occasions, a year or two to put some feeling again interrupted safe深圳桑拿网guard, and he does not much deliberation I feel that they require multiple, but this was actually the same as Heru Xi can not do.
  Married only six months, she and two old began to quarrel, Sun Sheng mother anxious to hold gold, but to find someone to some secret recipe, make soup, meaning the drink two get away, Heru Xi can not, she deflated mouth picks around, shook his head, do not drink, if you insist on two old, then at once to complain that Shengjun Hao.Two old physical discomfort, the need to stay with him to the hospital, it is more finished.He Ruxi own have not been to the hospital alone, will not even registered, to a hall, two of a smear, even the elderly hypertensive subjects had to hang what Baidu.Sheng father was ill for a while, always need people helping handed a urinal or something, Sheng old mother, do not come, He杭州夜网ru Xi do not want even a hand, cheeky mind, waving the bill to find care workers.The three men in a drama, lots to talk about things, Shengjun Hao in the past two old wore only complaint now is to listen to three people singing, and then make a decision and then appeal the decision again, endless.
  On social occasions, but did not e