[In particular, I want you, oh I must return!Waiting for you.]
  .Shengjun Hao did not want to go back, he looked at the phone, do not look, this Heru Xi, his little wife just got married less than four years.When he divorced, very busy for some time, but shocked to discover that his ex-wife has climbed to a new high branches, and others Gu Zhangqin Lovers,北京夜生活 and he had been in my heart when the baby’s Jiang Xiaolian, and more his ex-wife got together, and school seniors in pairs, he looked for each other a few times, came close to being hit Jiang Xiaolian call security, the other looked at his eyes cold and hate, take the book to hit him, he said, smelly residue is male, stop harassing him.
  Too, Shengjun Hao also have dignity, he should do the authors also have to Pei Dai Jun and Jiang Xiaolian not?Obviously not, he quickly found a new game, it is the company’s new office intern, a senior before graduation, like a deer ignorant, silly, especially simple, make it look Shengjun Hao move the heart, hooked a few times, each other and soon the dark heart Xu, both naturally logical aisle together.
  After marriage, Heru Xi stayed at home, start a full-time housewife, normally it took hi佛山桑拿网s vice card, four brush, to be a beauty, maintenance themselves, or to purchase a house she already has packages bags, money Shengjun Hao, support it, of course not the best treatment to his wife, most, Heru Xi young, beautiful, as all of his life, his eyes never turn around, like a baby usually cold to often let Shengjun Hao feeling youthful vigor back to when he was very satisfied with faint disdain even want to pull each other to show off in front of his ex-wife, who let his ex-wife has been single, he failed to marry Gu?This is the gap, he divorced, single but looking for a beautiful girl, his ex-wife does?Even if he found the high branches, it is useless, the other par