The more this time, the more we need to do this he has led a sober-minded, able to make the right decisions, stabilize the military, can go well on the way Dashun, did not go well when he stumbles Shengjun Hao is not to find for themselves excuse, it’s a day that he wanted to do live eighteen thousand, which still have time to closely observe future trends in the economic situation, it analyzes Group?Several decisions he made, later, proved to be rotten trick, it is simply bad luck to the extreme, and even national policy collision, front foot just on the produc苏州桑拿tion line, the rear foot to start regulatory policy, even if hard all the stops, that It is futile.
  He simply stand and renowned “For building down,” the heyday of Tin Shing Shing Group, so turn to bad, bad to worse.
  The thought Shengjun Hao face full of smile, although his life is not over, but he is almost certain, Tin Shing Group is his most important achievements in this life, seeing the group may become so, his head and heart, leaving under bored.
  A quiet room was suddenly broken, the phone screen lights up, but also a shock is ringing, great sense of presence, the screen on top of pearls “Heru Xi” word eye-catching, Shengjun Hao naturally able to see at a glance, can he did not want the slightest pick up the phone, just shake the phone to silently watching corpuscles, the words became a missed call.
  Soon, a series of information again –
  [Sovereign, why do not you answer my calls?Are you angry with me?I did not mean, but have you been so busy.I can not find pe南宁桑拿ople every day, really lonely.]
  [My mom l