Ruan Guohua laugh, “come home for dinner is good!I felt all the endless vigor!”He say, Fang Xiulan also feel that their spiritual head a bit better than the morning.
  She smiled gently, “That’s a good girl we do, the burden is gone, there will naturally make endless vigor!”
  After they walked away, the great family of Ruan Zhiming and two men standing in the doorway looking at the back of Ruan Zhiliang own Uncle Aunt left, Ruan Zhiliang is generous youngest son, was accustomed to lawlessness, love outside Xiahun, he wore a flowered shirt, envy at the direction of Ruan Guohua, “brother, let’s ward when to buy a bicycle and Dances!”
  Ruanzhi Ming smiled, a bit like him and Ruan Zhiwen, both as polite as pie, “and dad say to深圳桑拿网 make money!”Anyway, his mother was Zhiwangbushang.
  Ruan Zhiliang some can not be reconciled, “another day I have to get a bike Dances!”Too scenery, he had yurt, but short of a bike it!
  Ruan Zhiming patted own brother, “etc. When did you say to make money!”
  Three children inside the ward boss Ruan Zhigang was se广州桑拿网nt to his father’s militia inside the commune, he was still a student, while the youngest is not a device, you know to play every day.
  The youngest expect to make money to buy a bike, fear is never gonna up.
  Nguyen looked after rain left the two cousins, asking, “our family bought a bike yet?”
  It is not clear what Ruanzhi Wu, Ruan Zhiwen really clear, Ruanzhi Wen nodded, shook his head, “In the past there, now gone, my parents rode at noon that one estimate is borrowed from Ge Shushu!”
  Ruan Zhiwen mouth Ruanguo Hua Ge Shushu is sworn in town, but Ge Hongwei is a state-run hotel in the county when the chef, which together with the busy noon on the bike, this cheap Ruan Guohua.
  However, if no point of friendship, most people do not make their wives to take out this year, the family has a bicycle, that is to love his wife as the南宁桑拿.
  Ruan Ruan Zhiwen rain, listening to the words of his face flashed a trace of sadness, “then