”Ok.”Shengjun Hao mute the sound should be, and stumbled up finish was still a hangover headache, asking him to sit blankly slow, but God, last night, he and several partners specifically to the entertainment, a big 广州桑拿company project funding is a problem, in order not to collapse, had to introduce the partners, profit has therefore been cut very low, it can be said to be busy for six months, white wedding dress for others to do, or else can people do the wedding dress, the entire project to yellow.
  He took a cell phone, is already above a row of information, see the veins throbbing on his forehead, a long time do not want one more look, sitting on the bed, face slumped face looks like, any who are full of haggard look, can bother, then do not want to bother, after all, also have to reply to the message is completed.
  Shengjun Hao endured impatiently, to open a bar, but it made him look bad mood.
  This years?Five years will succeed ah!Tin Shing Group from the rapid rise in five years ago, fame, and now it?Is a basket left and right a pit, fu杭州桑拿洗浴ll of questions, seeing all the way down, year-end awards are unable to pay, many employees complained, the Ministry of Personnel to leave it alone applications are saved a pile.
  How he can do?He can not do anything.
  Tiansheng Group, this is after he took over from the gradual upward development, to catch up with the good economic situation, but also into a number of good industry, this riding east, climbed to the first position may not completely firmly secured it, the problem arises.
  Having said that, my heart feel Xuanhu Shengjun Hao, after his divorce and Pei Dai Jun, the people of the state would nosedive, things do not control the past years, all hit in the shoulder, a man juggle, exhausted, still can not settle, see the world the subject of complaints.At home, two old said he did not filial piety from time to time in 上海夜网the company, so he sent f