”Hey, you also saw?My daughter is beautiful, right?”Pei Naochun like recognition that comes with radar, one can see the friends praise Pei Dai Jun’s remarks,” Now headhunters to poaching my daughter can be more!But she does not love, and I respect her ideas.”I referred to this barrage followed the discussion opened.
  [Saying, does anyone think Laopei daughter is heaven purple star, comes good luck buff?You see, she was the wife of a male slag when the other group is the domestic leader, and now to do-ho group vice president, in recent years-ho also up gradually, beginning from the year before, it has been ranked first in the industry the!]
  [Have!Show of hands, I am concerned about the fortune teller bloggers analyzed, said her facial features anyway, what fortune is complete, the busy people!Who with her on good fortune!]
  [Do not be so superstitious okay!Essentially Laopei outstanding daughter!able!I think the industry broke the news said, and broadens 淡水桑拿the ability of people in the market did not have to say, to a group-ho, give-ho in a pile of business.]
  [I only think That divorce storm of the year, who filled the well-known male slag total, even when Laozhang Ren are playing, have to divorce, do not know now regret it?Penny wise, pound-foolish real case, estimated the group’s president-ho, and he had to say thank you, but for his wife not so good, chances are Tiansheng can lord it over for some time.]
  Renovated luxury room, at the moment seem dim depressed, solid-colored curtains and thick cloth as a decorative lace curtains give allOne way or another, without the slightest leak outside in bright sunlight, looks soft and bed legs bound, on top of the quilt messy, muster a bag, wearing a suit pants, shirt, middle-aged man lying on top slanting, without taking off hi杭州夜网论坛s socks, messy hair.
  ”Boss, whic