”Everyone optimistic, and to you today to be a simple appetizer platter, Jellyfish.”Kodate shop not open, the rest of the brand e南宁夜网ye-catching, but as long as living in them, you can hear every day on time sounded familiar male voice.
  In recent years, Pei Naochun reputation has been more and more to big up, the economic situation is not good, people will be particularly urgent desire to get rich, stock up on the network shattered a lot of people, only his unaffected.
  Netizens jokingly described as: “Follow Laopei go have something to eat.”It’s not much of how exaggerated, between Laopei live as always, will analyze a few stocks every day, occasionally show their recent record access account to the audience, provided fans with the prison, the basic can make small, little will lose, of course, you want to get rich overnight as the lottery-like, it is a bit harder.
  Pei Naochun action neat, has deployed its own good secret ingredients, murmuring: “ah, earlier today, I’m going to send my daughter to lunch, come back shop while supplies last.She noon overtime, did not have to rest.”
  [Front row to watch the drooling envy, my father gave me last night fired a bitter road, taste wonderful :), someone else’s father and my father.]
  [That is, in the studio have this opport南宁夜网unity, to see the billionaire cooking.]
  Barrage of argument, also has its roots, and fans often joke about it, saying Pei Naochun the richest food live, eat broadcasting career stocks last, to win friends while watching live together, but also from time to time to throw such a sentence slogan, you can see where you cook Monopoly?Stock market analysis can hear first-hand, never, to!Coming between now live Laopei!
  [Laopei yesterday to see her daughter’s interview, and in the “financial” front page, and beautiful and elegant.]
  [I also saw!Immediately go to copy s