After Jiang Xiaolian wrote the IOU, the parents received the money through the B city, she at school by a teacher, then a lot of work – she told herself, harder than others, in order to return the kindness Pei family, but as long as is free time, she will be free to Kurtis Kodate help, only to return a little of whatever other good.
  His aggressive ground the car, the road not traveled, it was Jiang Xiaolian found each other like some panic quickly through the crowd, ran back to the store –
  Oh, back to the store, he would not dare go in it?
  Jiang Xiaolian and then appear together, is the same to his familiar figure, dressed in chef’s clothes and Pei Naochun either side of her holding a huge sign came out at the door, then wiped his hands go in together, that sign on to write vividly clear –
  ”Shengjun Hao and not into the garbage.”
  ??Shengjun Hao felt by the great insult, he can not wait to put one foot in the past that sign flung open, you can already see a lot of people lining up to pick up the phone ca杭州龙凤网mera video looked around, he could only be embarrassed to back out of the car, not stuffy say anything.
  ”Let’s go back.”He spoke through gritted teeth, clenched fingers, but can not do anything impulsive thing.
  Shengjun Hao saw the driver does not move, very confused, shaking his intention to move closer back, broke into the eyes, indeed one pair of “loving” couple.
  Walking towards you, is Guzhang Qin and Pei Dai Jun, both wearing suits, just get off, talking and laughing, relying on very close.
  Good, really good!

After (XIX) 66 Chapter daughter to marry Homer?(Finish)
  The present economic situation it is constantly changing, then westerly overwhelming Dongfeng, when East Eats West, are not allowed, the next moment, how things will be no one to say, after all, who can not be good, flowers last forever spring.
  Kurt北京风月网is Bistro in the CBD has been notoriously net red food stores, often boarded an eclectic menu of inventory from me