Shengjun Hao listening to the busy tone phone, the brain faction chaos, this more than three months, he gradually bit powerless, bruised and battered.This negotiation company, and Group-ho, often a problem, seeing price increases are inevitable, this year’s decline in profits is positive, there are several external partners – he was sure they must be helped to pull strings Pei Dai Jun!Group-ho and actually catch up, just recently signed contract, shift, how can I not lose their side?
  The family head, Sheng Shen北京夜网g mom and dad round the sick, obviously have a family doctor, also persistently urge like to call him every day, answer the phone, that’s full of ominous, to say what he almost died, he did not look back once knew, what he said, too?Had to run home again and again, obviously on a little cold fever, parents can come up with the appearance of a dying.Group leaders in the past, shareholders festive funeral, there are people for him to prepare, although it is also secretary to help remember, he may have to run for most of these private matter, not too difficult to him.
  and also.That 姜小莲.Shengjun Hao really can not contact, in the limelight, and not approached by teachers, for fear spread bad rumors, he can only do first cold treatment, want them Xiaoxiao Huo, after say.But in it, he was very confident, and now they are single, Jiang Xiaolian 上海419同城对对碰how can I go to find him such a good target?Now the little girl, her boyfriend does not like to send something bags, lipstick you?He can give, than this lot, and he believes the other party can make the right judgments, moreover, they are not without emotional thing.
  ”Hey, Mom.”Shengjun Hao answer 杭州桑拿the phone, immediately frowning,” ah, you back pain?Doctors go yet?Trekking trip, I go home to see.”He was speechless, he was not a doctor, he would be okay to go home ba