”Ok.”Pei Naochun nod.
  ”.Really thank you.”Thank Jiang Xiaolian have lots to talk about, she felt like the opposite of the light-emitting Pei Dai Jun, like – she was so good, so good, she was good to feel useless.
  ”Well, come on, you are good schools, graduated a good development, chances are there are a lot of future life, not for a man, this life will go gambling, ruined.”Pei Dai Jun put it at will, but she knew that her words carefully how, when, she turn around Shengjun Hao, almost ruined his life, and now, there are two things I do not know the girl, almost a foot fall.
  ”it i北京夜生活s good.”Jiang Xiaolian on hand clenched under the table, she told herself – you can never live up to the other side of goodness.
  Cooperation Tiansheng Group and Group-ho, almost broke down, Shengjun Hao is a head two big, he found a vice president who used to know through his wife, and they eat a lot of meals back, the other party may be a direct closed doors gone, until he came to the door, the other only truly been reported:
  ”Sheng total, before, I am also help to help, right now, we have total care under a death order, and all communication to determine the market prevail, or else, you go talk about marketing?I put the phone to the person in charge of you?”
  Shengjun Hao of course, the person in charge of marketing the phone, but would have pulled himself black, can be contacted through the office phone, the other business-like, do not speak the slightest affair, he was even going to play emotional card, Sheng mother let go into action, can Pei Dai Jun actually unmoved.
  ”OK, then let’s talk about official business, we sit out?”
  ”Do not, Sheng total, do not!I’m busy, can not go, here’s a thing, so, hang up ah.”The other side as qui上海419论坛ckly hang up, like a fleeing like, Shengjun Hao puzzled, He did not know who the vice president’s wife has been under the command of the dead, let him study with Shengjun Hao, anyway, now nothing between companies must be entertaining thing,