Tomorrow is the 3.15 International Consumer Rights Protection Day, the money brought in Zhejiang newspaper reporter in particular the travel contract to write one, senior lawyer Chun Yue, as we went away, mind you, give practical advice, teach you rights。
  Cancel attractions also sue the travel agency to arrange shopping tourists Lok Chun Zhe Jiang Jingheng law firm lawyer is a partner, a senior solicitor。 He has participated in or presided over the drafting entrusted Zhejiang version of "outbound tourism contract" model text, writer drafted in Zhejiang demonstration by the international cruise tourism contract text series。   He told newspaper reporters the money, domestic travel agencies organize tours or abroad (border) tourism, in the mode of using an organized tour, usually many other services packaged together for sale, such as the transportation, accommodation, dining, attractions play, tour leader services etc. grouped together into a product。
"The products are often the most vulnerable tourists travel agency service quality complaints。
For example, shrink attractions, meals or lodging is not compliance, etc.。
"For example, there is such a case, YuanMou participated in a tour organized in Australia, New Zealand tourism。
Journey, travel agency without reducing the Crown Range road, the scenic Paradise Valley, Mount Cook National Park, three spots, more than docked three shopping stores。
In addition, travel, some hotels also fails to provide the agreed breakfast。
Of course, such a trip people uncomfortable, so, after returning to refuse to pay the balance YuanMou。 So, travel agencies sued Yuan Mou, Yuan Moucheng the defendant。   However, we know how to defend their rights YuanMou filed a counterclaim, request the travel agent compensation for breach of contract。
  "Travel without cancellation attractions, shopping without the consent of arrangement, it is certainly a breach of contract。
"The verdict after the trial, the court was: less travel agency to arrange three spots, constitute a breach of contract; no missing ticket attractions, According to" require quality of service travel agency compensation standards ", each missed a spot, travel agents, tourists should pay the travel costs 5% of the total amount of liquidated damages; for other alleged breaches Mou travel agencies, according to court evidence, were identified。
  Eventually, the travel agency to pay liquidated damages of more than 6800 yuan, Yuan Mou also paid a balance of more than 5300 yuan。   To learn to distinguish when rights are inclusive price or agency services travel agencies have no false propaganda, misleading?There is no forced consumption?There are no shrinking?There are not doing security duty to inform and alert, appropriate security safeguards obligations, and so on, these are the tourists to focus。
  For online consumer travel, Le Chun lawyers advise major concern: false propaganda, misleading propaganda, provisions of the King, bundling, change ticket refund fee is too high, is free to cancel the order, fraud, etc.。   It is worth noting that tourists have to learn to distinguish the services provided by travel agencies, is the package tours services or agency services under individual items commissioned。
These two services, the responsibility of travel agents is not the same。   In the case of package tour contract, travel agents bear higher contractual obligations, in addition to the provision of services according to the contract, travel agencies as well as the safety instructions, civilized norms tourism obligation to inform the tourists, some high-risk tourism projects, travel agents It should also be specifically for tourists, full of special risk warning and take appropriate security measures。
  The individual commission contracts, travel agents provide only individual travel services to tourists, such as hotel accommodation booking, ticket booking, ticket booking, attractions tickets booking, airport or bus station pick-up, etc.。 In this case, the responsibility of travel agents much narrower。
Once the dispute between the travel agency is completed according to the instructions of the agency business travelers, tourists encountered the situation after the breach of contract, in most cases with tourists should belong to these specific units (such as hotels, attractions, airlines, etc.)。
  Tourists have a sense of the evidence should have the right to maintain their own risk awareness of consumers, it is important evidence of consciousness。
Le Chun lawyers, for a trip suffered operators breach of contract or tort, to try to preserve evidence, such as audio, video。
When persons or property have been violated, the police in time。   Buy travel accident insurance, is to ensure that the interests of consumers in a better way。 Proof of insurance required to also pay attention to left, such as flight delays, flight delays may be issued to the airline to prove, as evidence of insurance claims。   There are also a few, self-worth tourists from this point of note, such as not freeloaders, for obvious "zero fare negative fare" low-cost tourism products say。   To have their physical health, physical strength, resilience and other objective clear understanding, do not rush to participate in play projects with a high degree of risk, because the risk of some activities are innate, such as snorkeling, horseback riding, rock climbing Wait。 Otherwise the event of an accident, the tourists themselves often have a certain percentage of responsibility。
  Obey government authorities issued a risk warning, the warning is not released before, do not rush to go to high-risk areas Tourism。