”I.”Jiang Xiaolian helpless, clutching the bag on北京夜生活网 the go,” No, Pei boss, thank you, I go first.”She wants to running for the door, only to come to the glass door, the door fails to hit Pei Dai Jun, and she last saw each other are not the same, there are many neat, wearing a gray suit and ladies, although hair draped over his shoulders, but the finishing clearly.
  ”I’m not what ghosts and goblins, I met not so tight.”Pei Daijun caught a glimpse of the little girl’s face and cry tears marks, she saw her father sent a text message, the information Dad said, the girl at the door crying trance, he was afraid anything about the situation, to consider Do not alarm, or just let her stay for a while, would be happy if Pei Dai Jun, he immediately put people away.
  She can have any unhappy it?She acknowledged that, in the moment to see the little girl, she inevitably recalled painful 苏州夜网memories of the day, who watched her husband, holding such a beautiful young girl can be happy too?However, she has never been this angry with the people.
  This is what the age, and the three wives and four concubines of the system as early as the end, the woman has been unpopular at home every day with each other to battle the man of the house’s favor.Jiang Xiaolian, if not, does it mean that there is no Li Xiaolian, Wu Xiaolian, Wang Xiaolian it?Shengjun Hao want to derail, even if she punches the third, a small four leg kick, he can find fifth, six small.
  Even Jiang Xiaolian is hooked initiative of Shengjun Hao, now they have divorced, she will only put the girl as a stranger, over their own lives, she believes, as long as she bid farewell to the past, she will be able to live better.Not to mention the little girl who was clearly a spoof, do the authors, she had to Shengjun Hao this man and this innocent little girl involved in a fight it?He equipped it?He did not deserve.
  Jiang Xiaolian not even seated, unconscious