The only she could find she might be willing to lend money only Shengjun Hao, but she did not dare go upstairs.
  Because no money, she went to work Tiansheng Group, met Shengjun Hao, became the third party to destroy others f杭州桑拿洗浴amily.Because no money, her parents go around work, seriously injured, and now lay there, I do not know whether survive.Because no money, she was desperate, a huge human world, could not find an outlet.
  But she had no money to re-take this step because it?
  Mind like two guys fighting, one of the first out of a left uppercut, Sheng said the total is now divorced, even if he really has any idea, you are not a third party, Besides, you do not know before what.Another, come to a right uppercut, say you want to shameless?You have been depriving the people divorced, if you did not know before, now you can also go to know, you are right people?
  Mom and Dad, a man of conscience, many struggle.
  Unwittingly, she reached the door Kurtis Kodate, rolling shutters pulled a point other shops, although the lights on inside, but not too bright, the深圳桑拿网 door Flip the rest of the sign, she realized she was not the place to , he turned and want to go, but it is to hear the familiar male voice.
  ”.It’s you.Girl, why do you come?”Opened the door is Pei boss, what he looked like, just to see her.
  Jiang Xiaolian afford to sit in a chair in front, ahead of her, is a bowl of hot soup, she just turned around and saw the Pei is the boss, the other side of his face with some alert, be like seeing her face tears on, hesitated, then sighed: “come in, drink a bowl of soup before you go.”She came in with silence, he sat in the front of this station.
  Pei Naochun holding a cell phone, he had just sent a message to his daughter: “My daughter immediately come, you are looking for her right?”If Dai Jun sugges