”Correct!A bundle!”
  Pleasant dinner and still hidden crisis risks.
  Chen diving completely unaware of his own into the midst of crisis.
  Always wanted to poison him down without success leaves hidden almost every day to visit.
  Because of his procrastination, Luonan Yun and Hua Tian has even lost patience, I began to suspect that he is a liar.
  Chen Ye must be resolved today, hidden diving!
  And today is a great opportunity, Chen diving around no other master, and his refined gas situation seems to have some problems, with many people around him, totally caught up in laughter, this is simply a great opportunity.
  Numerous experiences of finding riffraff trouble to draw attention to the recruit children can no longer use, and leaves hidden need is this natural status quo.
  Soon, the woman on the grass poison in his schematic silently appeared in Ben Shan Xian barbecue shop.
  Wang Yong saw her, but did not care, at the moment the shop is already filled with visitors, who travel alone are generally looking for friends.
  Grass poison woman wearing masks and hats, but in today’s air environment is normal, no one will care too much.
  Lot of barbecue shop, and this let the grass woman poison somewhat nervous, after all, has long been her living environment and far from here.
  boom – !
  Han played a crooked