Miu Miu gas laughed, “So this is my turn to be crowding you, are not you also besieged?”Deep breath,” I think the most frightening is not blabbering carve out such a stupid joke of people, but you put such a stupid joke this thing as normal people!!!Your horrible, low-level and low-level environmental people, now that you would have a low level of thinking, I think you become the kind of low-level people from very near, even you basically have is a.”
  Shao Yan snow to see Zhang Yun, whispered, “You’re never mind tube?Still live it ah.”And,” fairies should not kill each other now see our family entertainer?”

224 Chapter seriously
  On her own it, Shao Yan snow on the look out, is a very small fairy about brotherhood of man.She certainly do not need heaters artists vicious competition.
  Zhang Yun is very anxious not to, anyway, small ancestors did not speak of it, “look Look.”
  [My God, to see such a program, I have a feeling this life as compelling]
  [This is definitely a big tear force field, regardless of fairy do?]
  [Fairies say let them free play]
  [This is free to play?This is a force to tear it free?]
  [Heater enemies everywhere now, has been in the dark days of shadow poke black warm, like family entertainer noisy like this really okay?]
  [Which artists artists is not the case, ah, with a combination of will