What are the three degrees, three degrees of cervical erosion is already reaching the point where serious, because three degrees from the transition was the second time over, then what are three degrees of cervical erosion and small series to take a look at what three degrees of cervical erosion We introduce!What are the three degrees of cervical erosion cervical erosion general, is divided into three degrees, there are two versions is to be divided into cervical erosion once twice three times, there is a cervical erosion is to be divided into mild to moderate and severe。
Cervical erosion may be asymptomatic, is detected when the multi Cervical, symptoms may appear as cervical erosion leucorrhea with bloodshot eyes, sexual pain, sexual intercourse bleeding, contact bleeding, vaginal discharge quantity and the like yellow。 The probability of the existence of cervical erosion cancer, but the probability is very small, as long as there is no screening for pre-cancerous abnormal TCT, no contact bleeding, simply type cervical erosion can wait until after their fertility treatment every year on a regular basis to do TCT screening can.If you have not given birth, it is recommended in patients with cervical erosion do not try physical therapy。
So to say, in three degrees of cervical erosion should be the most serious kind, and generally speaking cervical erosion is not what it feels like, it will be able to check it out in the physical examination。 Check it out necessary and timely treatment oh。
Severe, and usually you may not pay attention to, in a second time when he should be extremely time to treat it, if holding the dead, then, will the risk of cancer, gynecological diseases too much now。 Abdominal symptoms are usually may have pain, pain or sexual intercourse, or of a minor bleeding。 Treatment of cervical erosion three commonly used method of three degrees of cervical erosion what treatment of cervical erosion use more local treatment, and many methods such as drug therapy, physical therapy, surgery, etc.。 Object of the first two conservative treatment of cervical erosion is to columnar epithelium necrosis, covering squamous epithelium grown newborn create conditions。
(1) drug treatment method suitable for smaller patients with inflammatory infiltration and erosion area shallower。
Optional drugs locally antibiotics, such as metronidazole, sulfonamides, nitrofurazone, etc.。