They asked the front desk to the good, and usually see two general no abnormal appearance, and my heart doubts disappeared more than half.
  And so on down to see the floor upload news that Qin Qin Bo Jue Ming went to the office will sit, and that less than half of the remaining doubts have completely disappeared.
  In the small eyes of the staff, as long as Qin Qin Bo Jue Ming importance, then the content of that message, to them it is of little value.
  Whether Qin Bo is what kind of person, even if Qin Bo was dismissed, Qin Bo do the job can not turn them?
  Anyway, he worked in earnest, nor blame the staff people, then those private matter, just let him go.
  In a better understanding of people’s eyes senior Qin Jue Ming, the attitude he shows that he not only pay attention to Qin Bo, but also that nothing of that anonymous letter.
  Why were sent abroad before Qin Huaian how much they have heard some, since this attitude very different, it is naturally false.
  They can not believe Qin Ming Jue old and confused, one step back, even if Qin Ming Jue confused, Qin Father is not asleep, is considered the next random Fearless confuse children and grandchildren, this kind of thing, Qin how could have done it?
  As for who made the.Target too obvious, they are a bit skeptical that person is