Huozhi Hui looked back at her, eyes like two dry well lived.
  ”Chih Hui ah, you do not scare me ah, my mother know is wrong, will no quarrel with you good bad?”
  Huo Zhihui still did not answer her.
  Early in the season Anya tell her the truth of the moment, Huozhi Hui was dead.
  Huo Zhihui find rummaging through his old phone, then found a number of Su Yuan from the previous card phone, she did not know Su Yuan’s number has not changed, with the new numbers played in the past, the call is connected, then is a sweet female voice: “What are you looking for?”
  ”I find.”Huo Zhihui Zhang mouth, found a little hoarse voice, she slowly spit out that she hated the name,” I find Su Yuan.”
  ”Excuse me, I’m an assistant Su Yuan, Su Yuan now filming is not convenient to answer the phone, I’ll let her call you back?”
  After the phone was hung up, Huo Zhihui hands firmly clenched, nails embedded