Wu’s mother photo, the remnants could feel her soul plain light air, not what is evil, although the young man to see the face alone, but indeed the longevity of the elephant.

Wu issued a muffled laughter, “I should not find you, you will not even see this out.”

An Wei Zhen raised an eyebrow, “say the?”

“You go to the basement to look for it, maybe she is still alive.”Wu looked up, unable to look at the ceiling,” Indeed she is not dead.”

An Wei Zhen quietly watching him, waiting for Wu went on.

“Three years ago, the kid’s power is growing, my father was afraid of losing control him, we should take more blood to suppress him, Wu Heng had not been born then, time is running out, I want to offer my father Festival of.”Wu canthus was killing,” I have done so much for him!He actually wanted to sacrifice my?!How could I let him do it!”

An Wei Zhen breath, “you imprisoned your mother?”

Wu Hey smiles: “I have no idea, not my mother die, that I die, you think I am that mother, she is the biological mother Wu Tao ha ha ha ha,