Yu Ze glanced out the window, without a word, without looking up blond girl, said she was not interested in words, Yu Pei looked at her, smiled and said: “I’ll take you home.”
  She just found herself silly to say more than words.
  Car to car to go, rain or hail, what to do with it?
  She was silent, and the courage to say: “Last night you know the snow to Beijing?Only Sunrise Avenue, where it snowed this morning circle of friends are talking about it, so strange.”
  Probably too boring topic, this time even pay any attention to her Pei Yu.
  Side to Ling embarrassed, blonde teen at this time with a smile echoed: “Yes very strange.”
  She smiled gratefully at each other.
  Eat the last meal, side to Ling always feel strange, but it can not tell what is strange, she just tried to accost Yu Chak and Donna, you want to win the goodwill of the two.
  She and Yu Pei known for many years, but also crush on him for years, I thought there was no hope in this life, Pei Yu did not expect actually to her confession, she was also invited to attend home