After all, he does not hate her.If you later she encountered any difficulties, even if she did not have any difficulties, just wanted something, he was willing to honor, willing to give her.
  I heard the nine desire to hold the door open XIA remote hands tightened.
  He took a deep breath, and ultimately XIA Xiao original remote whispered: “Can you.Wait for me five minutes?”
  Original Xiao looked at her, nodded and quietly stood outside access, close look at the apartment door, looking at XIA back away and disappeared in the side of that glass door.
  Then a few minutes later, she looked down and ran out of breath, he signed his mark thumbprint bet, he never opened the college entrance examination report card envelope, and that pen, put a file in his pocket, handed back to him.
  Xiao almost hid the original temper.
  Teens want to change the time, this was mind-refundable face to face, he will face a sudden snatch it away from him, knocking the trash can go directly.
  Then sarcastic remarks and asked XIA away, now is not it should be when she gave him the phone back to her.But do the math, five or six years later, through