He can not think of how, finally able to introduce him to be able to take him out of the bottleneck, is to spend Mu.

Flower Mu really completely changed.

When he first saw, like prison tame birds in general.

But now he is in the transformation to mature, and even be able to hear that he had never revealed confusion and confusion.

The more red eyes are also almost late last changed most suitable suit of clothing, before rubbing balm could not help but hold him exchanged a long, long kiss.

“Do not be so enthusiastic.”The man whispered:” Be careful what you toss into the aircraft could not make.”

British Masters who sat in the VIP room, drinking black coffee without sugar.

Vietnam also took the night knock on the door design book into the time, once some cardiac arrest.

He is sitting on a silver gray old gentleman, hale and hearty and elegant style.

He was a bit stiff in the past to say hello, after getting schematic sitting on his side.

“very young.”The old man looked down at him, finishing a good book that took over, those works before he went to see.

Today is also the night of identity is already is the color of the.

He is the Crown Princess from neighboring countries, is