He said the most natural, as if he knew she was a friend for many years, without the slightest hesitation, micro-Sim is not good for a long time continue to ask, afraid of becoming disgusted him, the sound muffled ah, quietly returned to the dining room.
  And other micro-Xin long a little later that he usually do not eat rice, eat today, which has been exceptionally rare when a small bowl, only the Lord knows how to her face.
  And now, hearing him say that she wants it, then middle-aged men.
  He was referred to the eating and sleeping, watching Xing twilight of his face, he usually should often insomnia, iron man also unable to go a long time without eating or sleeping, no wonder he see a doctor.
  Her heart is heavy, I do not know what to say.
  Eaten a meal on the table, he had only a nodding acquaintance relationship seems even further, Xin Xing discovered micro long twilight just few words, really get along together is still pretty easy, next door to the little brother is also very satisfied.
  In the last days before a copy is turned on, she can enjoy some stability so dull life, now do not do the task, the system rarely bubbling, long micro Sim thought I may not feel comfortable, but not used to this, in the face of slow Xing twilight slowly disappear, someone