Chen En diving cry.
  ”Columbia fish!You’re back!Come quick, Monastic Monastic!”
  Sharp-eyed brothers saw a diving Chen.
  Old Song also immediately call to: “diving, come here, you do not come to help me, I’ll be filling them to get on the ground!”
  ”I’ll be right over.”Chen diving grin waving.
  ”You are really quite you these brothers.”Wang Yong chuckled:” You quickly past it.”
  Diving Chen Yong told before leaving: “I suppose, from the owl can not come to the store a few days would help, and that time can not promise him free food, or he can eat collapse.”
  ”From the owl?That Miss Zhao Tai bodyguard?”Wang Yong froze for a moment:” He will come here to work are kidding, it is that big of ability, we can not afford to hire.”
  ”Is a little afford to hire.”Chen diving smile:” But he will come ten ninety-eight, and will say do not pay, tube to eat on the line.When you can not agree to his conditions, give him money wages in accordance with the normal attendant on the line.”
  Wang Yong, really do not understand how children, but Chen diving arranged, he had to follow suit is.
  ”Ge Jige, I’m late, three cups self-punishment!”This diving Chen Xiaohe them to Song Liang.
  ”Three cups which enough ah!At least a penalty