Mu corresponding sub astrology dressed in black and white flowers in a white dress, thin straps sketched increasingly attractive clavicle, accompanied by Mu child star elegant look, come out like lotus-like.
  Rao is a Muslim child star has always been accustomed to watching other people at this time also could not help but cheeks hot.The man next to fall very poised, still holding her wrists down the stairs step by step.
  She broke away, not to drive double just grabbed her wrist.
  This scene is too overwhelming, Mu child star every step to step as if riding on the apex, go down the steps can not help but go far too big.
  Cheng could not help but speak out double told: “You slow down.”A rare opportunity to declare sovereignty, to take advantage of her natural.
  Finally completed around the staircase, Mu child star and whispered: “I let go.”She and Cheng dual positions are not together.
  Cheng Shuangshun potential release, only just before release to take advantage of her wrist there touched a.
  Mu helpless child star.
  Wen Ying Mu Songqin time to go there, but also to hear the tiny buzz came around, mostly about her and away double.
  Fortunately, the wedding soon.
  Master of ceremonies announced the groom’s entrance on the stage, solid wood door is opened, the moment all eyes are attracted in the past, the child star Mu hot feeling rosy cheeks, as