Zaza Zui Lin raw, finished and we have to think of himself a “ritual” CEOs should not drink the cup, the cup he hurriedly put it back, too old straight Beibeng.
  An Qian Qing Ke twice.Yao Ji ceremony also found, to his lips can not detect micro curved in carelessly and uncle to continue the conversation, “the recent domestic release a science fiction film, which also received extensive attention in North America over there.”
  Uncle listen, could not help but glance at the forest edge health, but also look at the eye Yao Ji ceremony, Lin Xun veterans and treat employees really pro-ah.
  Until Uncle attention not put forest health body, the latter finally was relieved.This hanging in the heart can not put down, Lin-sheng’s body suddenly stiff –
  Because he found himself hanging in the hand under the table, suddenly people just hold, do not want, certainly around the Tanxiaoziruo of a century.
  Forest Health glanced nervously around a congregation uncle, no one seems to notice the motion, two hands, but still so exciting, his little heart could not bear to some, those who suddenly got up, you can see the two of them pull tight hand.
  Lin-sheng looking not change, men want to get free, he was not down, because the camera just tie in, and if they see the wheat sister, and even see a national audience, he should die of shame