Feng early surrender, “I did not say ah, but this is a joke, really a bit too, my child for saying sorry ah Man.”
  Tao Man child crooked head, “I and von beginning to play the role of the lines is this, a joke, and you pull it too far?Sorry.”
  Miu Miu sneer, “I think the joke is funny, now I just feel sick.”
  Guo Yajie stand out, “Man child also apologize, you do not so be it?”
  ”You are not qualified to help me how I make decisions?Otherwise, you stand here and let him stand behind you go ah!!”Wonderful are not promoted.
  Guoya Jie do not care, “I just like the front.”Follow the mind is also a sneer,” this sort of joke I do not know how many have heard, if you like, and every so angry, I probably would have a home to sell sweet potatoes.Unlike you that the eldest, was angry Dugan joke, life is good, really than not ah.”
  Miu Miu speechless, “You did not stand dignity, does not mean I should also stand.I am the eldest, I was a good life, not satisfied ah?You bite me ah!!What is particular about a place born, my birth determines the joke I can not stand this, I do not want to suffer!!”
  Rice children did not go, “even if you can not stand this degree of fun, then do not enter the entertainment circle, ah, when you honestly eldest net red like ah!”
  ”You can not even dare to plastic surgery, this level can not listen to jokes?you