”” Kung Fu “temporary decline in sales is actually irrelevant, other game companies on the market and it is not possible with comparable products arcade.As long as the player is still keen to play this game, the limelight after the game room owners to make money, would still order our consoles!I’m really worried about is that the Japanese government will not gaming products for foreign companies to develop more stringent censorship!”
  Li Xuan frowned and said, “Japan already has a very strong external market barriers, such as the electronics industry, the automotive industry are relying on the Japanese government trade protection, so that American and European goods in the fifties and sixties can not be poured into Japan market, which gave Japanese companies immature environment of rapid development, is now available to counterattack the global market!
  If the Japanese government introduced the policy for us to enter Japan every game review, then refused for various reasons.We not only likely to lose market, even more frightening is from Japanese rivals may have an undisturbed garden as a retreat, and then carried out with impunity fight with us in the global market!”
  Later in the game industry is a more than 80 billion dollars in a huge industry, but now the game industry has just started.Li Xuan can only hope that the Japanese government is also failing to appreciate this small industry.
  ”Let the Japan branch close attention to the movements of the Japanese government, and we contacted the United States recently to several major game companies and game trade