Liming Si finished sentence, waiting for him to answer and hang up the second time.
  Qin Bo smiled and shook his head, and after a long pause, smile to disappear.
  He started really did not think so much, until he saw the piece of text messages last night, he was shocked to say the other side is not necessarily a lie.
  His life little regret, can he really do not know, they pursue the case of Zhou Yu is right or wrong, but these things, but in the end or else keep that one’s only for their own safety smoothly girl says.

  ☆, fight back

  Tengyun is nine o’clock working hours.
  Yesterday’s anonymous mail Although most people do not seriously, but curiosity is still there.
  Not curious Qin Bo in the end is not the kind of person, but curious Qin Bo will be how to deal with this matter.
  Nine one, always punctual or not to Qin Bo.
  On the surface of the front desk staff and Qin Bo that floor in earnest work, as there are several people opened the chat software, you would not know.
  Nine thirty-six, While many people have speculated that he also did not visit today, when Qin Ming Jue car directly in front of the building stopped.
  Then, Jue Ming and Qin Qin Bo either side of the car, talking and laughing walked into the door