Sheng Joe was a moment he asked.
  See Meng Shen star look like a joke seriously, she will carefully thought these two plays, who set up the story from the point of view as well as on the agenda, in addition to some of the hard work she would, in fact, is not the problem.
  Sheng Joe said: “You can.”
  Meng Xing Shen Not surprisingly, smiled, said this: “And now I’ll tell you why you knew scheduling conflicts we decided to look for you to shoot.”
  ”First, from the death of Han guide to now, the crew has lost nearly one million, yesterday officially investors divestment, male and female, respectively, breach of contract, if we do not timely restructuring shooting, before the efforts will come to nothing.”
  ”Second, that where I come before you actually have calculated that time, Jane Ding said you” May by “crew shooting very well, basically have to catch up with the missing scenes.Little “East Wind Breaks” where the heroine scenes, also read the script before you, the middle part of the heroine died, we shoot first male main pre-show, you can arrange scenes a little less every day, such as the late “May by” ending, you had time to fully play catch again.”
  ”Third, and most important point,” East Wind Breaks “is a big male main drama, you know the current market, there are few flowers are willing to play the big man inside to the main supporting role.But produced