Full of intense hatred in her chest.Chamber, the original fear of panic Huo Zhihui like a new person, pale superficial face clouded, she used to see the dead man looked at Anya quarter, very slow very slow to ask: “Why.Say to me these?”
  Anya lengthy season smile, asked: “Tell you the truth do not you?”
  She always knew Huo Zhi Hui Duifu to poor love has reached the point where unscrupulous, or past life would not deliberately Ming He slipped her, so she told Fu to poor dissolution of marriage, Huo Zhihui if I know their hurt so badly people are needy Fu will certainly go mad.
  Season Anya now have nothing, she knows she does not love Fu raw cold, otherwise it will not in the pit of her desperation at her half net worth, she also does not matter whether patriotic Fu is poor and she was just a pity, if Fu needy love her that she had in this life will not be so volatile, since Huozhi Hui is harmful to the point where she was the culprit, let Huozhi Hui Fu raw cold and incentives to make these things, let them destroy good together.
  Best, crazy Huozhi Hui Su Yuan can also kill.
  Thought here, Anya quarter lips nervously brought back, pulled a trace of smile, smile ghosts abnormal.
  She has not lost.