“All San Leba, come with me Chunxiao.”Jiang Chu When he finished, he turned into the lobby.
Under a congregation of people quickly scattered.
With Jiang Chunxiao Chu entered the lobby, he knelt down and Shane again: “if not a big lady, I’m afraid I can not hope for this life today, great lady of grace for slaves, God is opening the eyes, slaves Kouxie great lady!”
Jiang Chu chuckled and said: “Get up, today all of this, not me reward you, but you earned, you deserve it, Chunxiao, perhaps in the past no one told you so, but I but still want to tell you today, you deserve.”
Chunxiao red eyes, wasted an early age grow up, suffered the ravages of insult, she never thought he was humble as dust, but also guarding ridiculous self-esteem and proud, but it is the first time someone told her that her worthy of.
“Thank you, great lady grace!”
Jiang Chu suddenly asked: “To be honest, I have a very curious thing.”