This parody heart Yu Mo certainly will not do.
  White leaves laugh, “No computer is to find someone over to fix it, need it to be scaled up?”
  Cao Xiu heard stunned for a moment, then laughed out loud in spite of himself, as if the world heard the funniest joke in general, pointing to the white leaves, out of breath, he told.
  ”Your friend is where’s the?It will not be funny, computer repair?Ha ha ha.”
  ”This is what you get when we place you usually play Internet games Mody?”
  ”I tell you, this is IT company, you know what IT?”
  White leaves indifferent smile, “I do not understand, I understand a little friend.”
  Ye white heard to say these words, Cao Xiu has been completely ignored his threats, and on this level, with this heart Yu Mo is impossible to solve the immediate thing.
  ”Yu heart, you’re the company’s boss, you should be able to make the right choice, what is the choice of my friends to help, or find your friends to the computer repair help, you choose it.”
  Mo heart Yu angry teeth, tightly clutching Fenquan.
  ”Cao Xiu!Do not forget, you are also shareholders of the company, as you