Wu Tao Zhou Zhou and Wu Heng picked up, want to go out in two steps, Wei Zhen slight bend toward security, “then trouble the master security.”

An Wei Shen Zhen North Star will put on the living room couch, and turned back to the Chamber of Secrets.

Wu This time is already limp on the ground, there is no ability to move, and then go back to Ann Wei Zhen, a touch of looked at him, slightly opened his mouth Talisman.

“An Master, I beg you, I put all my money to you, you let me, if you put me a life, how much you want I gave you.”Wu rough panting, twitching in the body have been.

Wei Zhen An indifferent crouched beside him, legs slightly bent, cold voice, “I come to ask you one thing.”

“You say, as long as you let me go, I know all words.”Wu’s eyes wide open and look forward to.

An Wei Zhen Wei Leng face, “Wu Tao in just, I do not want to ask in front of him, where is your mother?”

Wu widened eyes, people simply fear he will not be the two eyeball stare out of eyes, “You, what are you talking ah, I do not know.”

251 chapter text style Shenzhou boat

“Do not installed, your mother sick weak,