Donna words true and false mixed half, Yu Chak her summon magic moment out of the book, they had contact, Donna naturally not able to understand Chinese and English, because Yu Ze can understand Chinese and English, so she comes to the ability of two languages.
  Yu Pei smiled and said: “I read the university in a foreign country, maybe in your home country.”
  Donna laughed: “That’s impossible, my mother a small country on the map are almost no name yet.”
  ”Your name is Bo Dina, what is it surname?”
  ”Call name is too rusty.You are Yu Ze brother is my brother, called me Bo Dina just fine.”
  Yu Pei tightlipped mouth smile cramps tendency.
  Who is her brother?How this woman so shameless?She at least eighteen years old yet?
  Yu Pei said: “You look very young, just like a sixteen year old girl.”
  Donna good advice: “Thank you, my brother’s mouth really sweet.”
  Yu Pei teeth smile.
  Yu Pei Ling side to look at, looking at the blonde girl, I do not know why some feel awkward atmosphere.
  Sitting by the window, she looked out, saw the night of Mongolia