Xiao original stand there, almost is struggling, and only then ask yourself those questions, swallowed back.Think they are asked not to export, and even seek complex than in the past, they are more difficult to export.
  But yet control his mind, think, XIA away, you say you love me enough, it is not from the beginning, that you like, that is, Cheng Dong.
  But this idea after tumbling endlessly, and was the original Xiao tightly pressed down.
  Happened, that happened a.The pursuit of a stamp conclusion, do what is necessary.
  Even back again, XIA away eventually be returned to him that I love you enough, he still wanted to find her in the Christmas Eve, she wanted to accompany his dying through that half years in hospital.
  This is strange and awkward silence, is from the inside out a teacher interrupted.
  Not a college, the other does not know the new semester to the XIA away, but glanced suspiciously young men and women before access control, or slowly left.
  XIA away hold the door open, gently said: “Xiao original.I first went up?”
  ”XIA away.”Original Xiao did not stop her, did not want to go in with force, he just shouted to