This mood as much as a primary school textbook writers saw.

His father and brother are other leader in the field, perhaps for the very set of management and marketing, but it does nothing for the concept of fashion itself.

VIOLET is already developed a very good sales model, user stickiness is also very impressive, but he always felt the lack of a lot of things, but not start.

The evening also want has not been a ‘sell good clothes’, the kind of thing any electricity supplier brands have a grasp of a lot.

What he wanted was a way to let people engraved in the hearts of the mark, just as people see the GUCCI or PRADA some knee-jerk reaction would be the same.

This is not just madness by intensive advertising and bidding can be done.

In the end is where that right?

His design skill bad, or he had no talent in this area, only suitable for a businessman?

In fact, the night also had a lot of confusion and loss, but also can not talk to anyone and complaints.

He has a very high standing domestic position, this position can even be said that many fashion designers and brands founder thought the end.

If this is a novel