Pharmacological effects, Magnolia is a medicinal value is very high, I believe many of my friends have used, have a good effect on the spleen, the pharmacological effects of Magnolia which together with the small series to see Magnolia's pharmacological effects introduce it!Magnolia pharmacological effects magnolia tree Magnolia or Magnolia biloba dry skin, root bark and branch bark。 The properties and owned by the bitter, acrid, warm; spleen, stomach, lung, large intestine。
Efficacy dampness qi, Jiangni asthma。
Clinical application of 1.For spleen dampness, abdominal distention, abdominal pain and stagnation, constipation, bloating, globus embolism Magnolia both warm dry dampness, but also the line width of the gas in order to eliminate other full inflation to the drug, often and herb, etc. with a wet storm stomach, abdominal fullness induced embolism。
This preferred conduct gas effect, stagnation of abdominal pain, can be equipped with woody, with the use of Citrus aurantium; constipation, bloating, rhubarb can be equipped, with the use of citrus aurantium; Phlegm gas globus each node, can be equipped with sage, pinellia equated with。
Magnolia pharmacological effects of 2.Magnolia sputum embolism can have a temperature of phlegm, Jiangni the gas, it can be used intrinsic phlegm, chest tightness, cough, and often Su, Pinellia, ephedra or equivalent with。 Prescriptions Magnolia name, manufactured River Park, Magnolia system (ginger, sage dextrose, hot mix, mixed thoroughly uniform suction, and dried with。 To enhance warm in the cold。